What kind of San Jose SEO experts you can choose from?

In order to select the best provider for your business, it is essential to understand that not every San Jose SEO expert is going to be the best fit for you. We will cover the two kinds of providers out there. 

San Jose SEO expert Freelancers


They are a good alternative for companies with small budgets that want to implement good SEO practices. There are freelancers who provide high-quality service. You can use a website such as Upwork and even check out their reviews and qualifications. 


They can literally open a profile within minutes and can easily fade away if things go wrong. In spite that SEO services cannot guarantee results, working with a freelancer can certainly put your investment at risk.

San Jose SEO expert companies


A San Jose SEO expert company will handle all the work for you.


There are many unreliable providers and the pricing of the solution is higher. 

Below, you can see five MUST check things when hiring an SEO expert:

Hundreds of SEO agencies open on a daily basis. For that reason, you need to make sure to pick a company that complies with the following:

Rank on the 1st page for competitive keywords

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So does a ranking on the first page of Google. An SEO company needs to be able to show its ranking on the first page for competitive keywords. 


Opening an SEO company can take a short period of time. Therefore, always make sure that they have been in business for many years.


Google and Bing offer certifications. It is essential that any San Jose SEO expert is up to date with search engine algorithms and best practices.

Marketing expertise

The whole purpose of driving high-quality traffic to your website is to turn them into paying customers or position your brand. For that reason, it is essential that your SEO specialist works in sync with marketing specialists to help you get the most out of your investment. 


Ranking on the first page of Google is about proving you are the best fit for its users. Therefore, you need a San Jose SEO expert company that can develop high-quality content that users can share and engage with.


Check out their online reviews on different channels such as Yelp, Facebook, Google reviews, Upcity or Trust Pilot.

What does an SEO expert do?

Keyword Research

When people go to search engines, they look for specific keywords. For example:

  • Mexican restaurant near me
  • Dentist in San Jose
  • Chiropractor near me

However, to succeed at your SEO initiatives, experts must choose the right keywords with the highest targeted traffic possible and a competitive level that your website can beat. (Picking up your battles will define the success or failure of your campaign)


It’s all about adding the right keywords to the right sections. Then, applying best user experience practices such as making sure there are no site errors and making the website load as fast as possible. Finally, a San Jose SEO expert must make sure that your website provides Google and other search engines with all the information they need from your site. 


Once ON-PAGE SEO is completed. Your specialist must work on building a network for your site so a reliable website creates links directing to your website. Thus, extending their value and increasing your website score.

What results am I looking for and how do I measure these results?

It depends on your SEO strategy, but you are looking for data, real numbers of people. You should keep track of your website visitors per month, this will show you how many people are getting to your site. Check your bounce rate, you should keep it as low as possible, this means that when people get to your site they find what they were looking for and won’t rush to exit. Leads and sales, the number of people interested in your products/services, and the deals you closed due to the online performance. Calls, you can receive a greater number of calls, people that want to get to know more about what you offer. Downloads, valuable information that you provide to your users in exchange for their information, this database becomes really valuable for your marketing purposes. All this information should be tracked and analyzed on a monthly basis so you are able to make a comparative analysis of your metrics.


You must select an SEO specialist that is reliable, experienced, and has proven their quality work over and over again. Here, at Solved Puzzle Agency, we have helped hundreds of clients make it to the top.

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