How does ORLANDO SEO work
and what are the best options?

What is SEO?

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Ranking on the first page of search engines is not an easy task. Only an experienced search engine optimization specialist can help you get to the top. But, you might be asking, how can I find the best Orlando SEO company?


Why do you need an Orlando SEO Company expert?

There are all kinds of providers around the globe. You have various options such as freelancers, companies in India, Philippines, and many other places that offer lower rates. However, the quality of work will make a major difference in the results when you hire an Orlando SEO company.

You need people who know Orlando like a local. Why? Only people who have lived in Orlando understand how people think, behave and search. Therefore, the content, user experience, and overall strategy must be adapted to connect with locals and increase your Return On Investment.


Benefits of having an Orlando SEO Company Expert

  • Increase number of leads
  • Position your brand
  • Increase online sales
  • Boost your online visibility
  • Increase customers foot traffic
  • Skyrocket customer satisfaction with a better user experience


SEO features

An Orlando SEO company will need to handle the following tasks:


Keyword research

An SEO expert will analyze variables such as the volume of traffic, keyword competitiveness, and customer intent (This is very important as it affects the number of paying customers you can generate out of an SEO campaign)


Keyword research tools

SEO specialists use several tools. Some of them are Free such as Google keywords planner. However, you will need a paid version to speed up the process by gaining access to important data that will help you shape your strategy. The most popular ones are MOZ, Semrush, Spyfu, and Ahrefs. These tools will allow you to see the volume of searches per month for particular keywords, but most importantly, the keyword competitiveness (Learning to pick your battles are essential for a successful SEO campaign)


Content optimization

In addition, you probably already have great content that can be properly optimized and save you months of waiting. Thus, we will make sure the keywords in the right areas and reduce the size of the images to improve site speed and user experience. Make sure to ask the Orlando SEO company of your choice if they have in-house copywriters and designers who can handle all the work for you.


Local optimization

You are located in Orlando. Therefore, you can start locally by optimizing your local directories profiles and get to Google’s 3 pack. (You will notice that it is less competitive than other types of SEO, and an Orlando SEO company can certainly help you accelerate the process)

It is ideal for companies looking for local customers such as restaurants, spas, dance academies, gyms, and other types of businesses that you know that people will not drive longer than a 10-mile radius to get their products or services. It is essential to have customer service as the first thing people will look at once they find you are the rating section.


Guest blog outreach

This is a very effective way to generate white hat backlinks for your site. For example, let’s say that you are a Dentist in Orlando looking for more patients. An Orlando SEO company will reach out to blogs that talk about your industry and create content that they can use in exchange for a backlink to your site.


Link building

Finally, this is the most important of all. It is the process of generating backlinks. There are different kinds of backlinks, but your rule of thumb must be “Quality over quantity.” For that reason, when you hire an SEO specialist, always make sure that they explain the strategy they use to generate backlinks, as some of them can be toxic and could even get your site penalized by Google.


Geo Tagging images

Every time somebody takes a photo with any device, the photo is associated with specific data that will allow you to organize your albums or galleries later on once you upload it to your PC or laptop.

Geotagging photos consists of adding specific coordinates to the photo that you upload to your website. It is very powerful as search engines will understand your location, and your site will increase its relevance for that particular location. For instance, let’s say that you are located in Downtown Orlando. We will go to the map and extract those specific coordinates; then, we will take photos you are using on your website, such as stock images, and embed the coordinates in the images.

Finally, when somebody goes to Google and searches for “your business product or service + downtown Orlando,” you will have gained a competitive advantage.

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