How does MIAMI SEO work
and what are the best options?

Do NOT hire a Miami SEO Company before you read this article

For this article, I will assume that you know what  Miami SEO means, but you can find all the info by clicking here for those who are still catching up or would like to review the concept.

Now, if you are reading this, you want to get your website to the top of search engines such as Google & Bing. You are looking to increase the traffic to your site to get more customers, more followers, and more exposure. However, you need to understand what things not to do when hiring a Miami SEO  expert company, how to identify the right provider for your business, and what makes them different for better or worse.

Choosing what company is the best fit for you can be hard, so we decided to create this article to give you all the information you need to make the right decision.


First of all, why do you want a Miami SEO Company if there are providers all over the world?

Using an Miami SEO Company will benefit your business because you will likely work with a bilingual team, professionals who can communicate with both American and Hispanic audiences. Check their online reviews; it is essential to see what their clients say—vibe with them. We always recommend feeling good working with them since they are helping you grow your business, so they become part of your team. And most importantly, they understand the diversity of culture. Most SEO in Miami have both backgrounds, Latin American and American, they understand and feel comfortable with both, so they would have a competitive advantage at persuading your ideal audience.

After working with many industries over the last 10 years and helping our clients get to the top of Google. We realized that many of them did not have good experiences in the past, and they all have these 7 things in common:


1. Not asking for a portfolio

We all expect people to practice what they preach. Nobody wants to go to a dentist who has no teeth. Nevertheless, most people do not ask their SEO agency to show the keywords they are currently ranking for on the first page of Google.


2. Not verifying provider experience

Google provides certifications, and its algorithm is continually evolving. Google has announced many changes, and they are focusing their attention on mobile user experience. Although some companies have offered SEO services for years, always make sure to ask for their batches. Your Miami SEO expert must study daily to be up to date with the latest trends and best practices.


3. Not checking longevity

A Miami SEO company can start operations with very little investment. Many agencies open every year. You must check the longevity of their years of being in business.

Note: you can check their reviews in different directories such as Yelp and Google. Reviews include the dates they were posted. It gives you an idea of the time they started providing the service.


4. Not requesting copywriting experience

It’s all about user experience. Despite that, SEO might seem like some magic. We all Google things because we are looking for solutions as soon as possible. Your company must create high-quality and valuable content that people consume and feel eager to share.


5. Not setting expectations accordantly

SEO takes time, and the reality is that a company can not guarantee results. You can have an idea of what your provider can offer by checking their previous work and achievements. However, an SEO company can only analyze your competitors, find opportunities and apply the best practices to your website. Be aware that companies that guarantee results are offering things out of their control, and they will likely disappoint you. In this video, you can watch what Google has to say about it.

6. Not measuring progress with data

Finally, some businesses sign a contract and expect for them to show on the first page after the first month. The subject is complex, and there is a lot of terminologies involved. However, Google Analytics offers a set of compelling reports that will allow you to track the progress of your SEO efforts. For example, you will see how you compared the ranking versus previous months. Also, you can request a roadmap of activities from your SEO provider that will give you a panoramic vision of how you are getting your ROI back.


7. NOT reviewing contract features

We already mentioned that we must set expectations correctly and that Search Engine Optimization takes time. However, that is not an excuse for a company to tie you up to a long contract if they are not performing, and you can see that in the metrics. We suggest that you hire a company that offers a month-to-month service.

Now that you know how to ensure that you work with the right provider. Let’s cover the kinds of SEO plans out there, so you understand the difference and select the best for your business.




Local SEO in Miami

A Local Search Engine Optimization is ideal for professional services and businesses targeting or serving a local community. You can get relevant traffic to your site of people that are actually looking for your product or service. For example:

“Divorce Attorney Miami”

“Pizza restaurant Midtown”

“Spa Coral Gables”

An experienced SEO firm can start creating quality content and optimize your site so you can drive that traffic and turn it into customers on your site. Also, they can optimize your Google My Business local pack. This is an example of our Google My Business located on the first page when you search for Digital Marketing Agency Miami:



As you can see, our agency shows up on Google My Business local pack, and potential clients can ask for directions to our office or get in touch with us.


Organic SEO

Most medium-sized and big companies go for an Organic SEO plan. It allows them to target keywords that drive regional or national traffic. For example:

“Best insurance company”

“Car dealer near me”


It is important to understand that this kind of SEO usually takes longer for you to see results than local SEO. However, when executed correctly can drive high volumes of revenue to any business. They are usually different plans, and they will vary depending on the level of intensity and industry competitiveness.


E-commerce SEO

Selling products online today has a major advantage. People all over the world now feel more comfortable buying products online. Therefore, many people are investing plenty of resources in developing content to get that traffic. It is essential that when you hire a Miami E-commerce SEO firm, they focus on positioning keywords with the intention of purchase, for example:

“Buy headphones under $40”

“Buy chair office”

Also, they must target keywords that drive people that are just interested in the product but might not be ready to buy. Because even if they are not ready to make a purchase, you will be the first option when they decide to do so. For example:

“Best headphones under $40.”

“Comfortable office chair.”

Now that you know the types of plans, you can decide the most convenient. Always keep in mind that SEO can be very profitable only if your Miami SEO company knows how to pick your battles and sets the right strategy.

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