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SEO audit services are for companies that what to be their audience’s first choice. With so many companies that have gone online after a year of pandemics, there has to be a way to stand out. For some companies, SEO is the reason they stayed afloat. 

Be recognized, be visible, with a presence in the main web browsers and social networks. But it’s not just about publishing your website; you need to be at the top of the most used search engines like Google. 

Now, how do you get your website to rank as it should? You can get your website to be audited. So, it is time to know how to improve your website with SEO services.

Start to optimize your site today with SEO audit services

The first thing to do is look for SEO Audit Services near you. Solved Puzzle is a digital marketing agency that offers many services, including SEO.

SEO work that requires highly experienced personnel. Preferably you should hire an agency that has multidisciplinary staff. This way, different areas will be covered.

Our experts will be in charge of doing the corresponding audit and based on this. They will take appropriate measures. Backend arrangements should always be made. But also, it is necessary to install components that will help you position your website.

But, what is an SEO audit?

The SEO audit Service is a very specific and detailed analysis of the different aspects that affect the organic positioning of your website. This audit aims to diagnose problems and detect optimization points with an audit to improve the ranking of a website in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Check some of the top benefits of hiring our SEO Audit services:

Get a highly visible website

As we mentioned before, it is not only about publishing your website; you need to be visible to potential customers. For this to be possible, you need to fulfill certain requirements. Your website must be user-friendly, and of course, it must offer high-value content

Get Keywords that work

Identify the keywords that will allow you to position yourself in Google. This way, you will create quality content that will target what users are looking for. There are thousands of keywords, but you will get to use the best ones for your target goals.

No more duplicated links

You are detecting duplicate links that make you lose web positioning. A damaged or duplicate link will be detrimental to your website. With the SEO audit, you will detect and correct them in time.

Position your website on top Google results with SEO audit services 

The main objective of an SEO web audit is to get the best results in web positioning. So you can give more authority to your website to improve how your product or service reaches your potential customers through the web.

The objective is that what you offer to the public through the web is among the first places when someone asks for them.

To summarize, SEO audit services will help you: 

  • Know how to implement necessary changes detected after SEO analysis.
  • Have an optimized website.
  • Improve loading speed.
  • Reduce indexing and crawling problems.
  • Know appropriate content and keywords.
  • Have a Link Building strategy (SEO Off Page).
  • Know what is working better than the competition so you can beat it.
  • Consider the content strategy that you will have to carry on your blog.
  • Fix the errors that arise on your site. 
  • Have optimized content.

To achieve these objectives, you must evaluate and correct errors based on your website’s analytics and competitors. Get all of these benefits and more by contacting our SEO team.

Although it requires some time, it will be very beneficial. Remember to be patient. SEO is a job that requires patience and attention. The results will take some time.

Types of audits we offer you

Technical audits

Some of the core areas typically covered in technical audits include:

  • Hosting/server issues
  • security
  • Code coverage and page resources
  • Crawl errors/indexing issues
  • Website architecture / URL
  • Canonicalization and internationalization
  • XML and Robots.txt sitemaps
  • Schema implementation
  • Page/website speed
  • Mobile/desktop parity
  • Rendering issues / JavaScript


Content Audit

Once a solid technical foundation is in place, the content audit is tackled. 

  • Review of the site’s information architecture. Professionals analyze how the site’s pages are structured and organized.
  • Performance is reviewed by looking at traffic, links, social metrics, conversions, and content engagement.
  • Review the content itself, looking at the text, images, videos, etc.
  • Content audits are not a solo job. These will revolve around keyword research data and include keyword mapping and gap analysis.

Complete audit

It works with the two types above of audits. This last one is the most recommended. This way, it will cover both worlds, and your website will be completely corrected. You can start today, improve, optimize and boost your SEO with Solved Puzzle.

Invest in SEO audits and see how your website grows

Our online SEO audit services will help you understand why your website does not appear in the first results of search engines. With the experts, you will know the actions you need to take to improve the positioning of your website. Among those actions are improving the technical aspects and knowing the keywords. In addition, guidelines will be established to outperform your competition.

Having a website is an investment. You need to keep it updated and provide the best user experience. However, this investment must have a return. For that, it is necessary to make the proper maintenance. Do you want to know how? Give us a call, tell us what you need, and we will help you.

Whe investing in Solved Puzzzle services you will have many benefits and more, such as:

  • High return on investment.
  • Long-term positioning.
  • Increased targeted traffic.
  • Increase sales or conversions. 
  • Promote the website relentlessly.
  • Creating good content.
  • Increase the visibility of your brand.
  • Web usability improvements.
  • Reach your target audience

You must do what you can to position your website. The truth is that doing this positioning work is the best. The idea is that you can position your business and thus obtain a better position.

Get all of these benefits and more by contacting our SEO team. Although it requires some time, it will be very beneficial. Remember to be patient. SEO is a job that requires patience and attention. The results will take some time.



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