Not so long ago, we were bombarded by cold callers at the agency. These people made my team and I waste so much time because our business model does not require a receptionist, and instead we may use those resources to grow our social media exposure or invest in marketing initiatives.

What’s frustrating about this situation is that we had to actually pick up the phone because we did not know if we were losing an opportunity to serve a client.

Now, how do you deal with this situation while providing exceptional customer service?

This is kind of a complex situation. It is kind of a puzzle, right? Well, we found a solution so let me show you how we fit the pieces.

You will need to use 3 services:

  • Answerconnect
  • Setmore
  • Twilio

With Answerconnect, you hire a call center to handle your calls 24/7 and they can set up your calls with Setmore, a scheduling system to automatically send reminders to you and your leads via text message and email, and it also syncs with your Google calendar.

The only problem is that Answerconnect charges by the minute and we quickly ran out of credits because these cold callers kept harassing us.

So, we found a way around it; we used Twillio to create a company menu so that any potential clients could be directed to Answerconnect and book a call.

On the other hand, we simply redirected the rest of the calls to a voicemail that we check on a weekly basis so people have to keep it short and sweet when reaching out to us.

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