What is a Customer Avatar/ customer persona?

Put simply; it is the profile of your ideal customer. Basically, we paint a clear picture of who we want to serve.

Depending on the size of your business, you will probably have more than 1. But, we recommend that you do not use more than 3 during the first phase of your marketing strategy execution.

Why do you need a customer avatar?

Well, having a Customer Avatar will help you focus your marketing efforts and resources on reaching the right people instead of unqualified prospects.

We will give a name to our Avatar so that it’s easier to create content as we have an idea of the person we are talking to.

Steps to follow in order to create a customer avatar:

  • Goals

Goals are what they are moving towards and what they want that they do not have now. For example, your Avatar might want to have a blue car but not have it yet.

  • Values

For example, he is committed to bringing value to his clients and respects the rules and platform policies.

  • Challenges

Some examples could be scaling his or her business.

  • Pain points

What are they moving away from? Maybe, the fear of losing customers to their competitors.

  • Objections

Possible objections could be a lack of time or resources.

  • Role in the purchase process:

This avatar could be the decision-maker or somebody in between

  • Sources of information

Books, magazines, blogs/websites, conferences, gurus, social media channels

Tips to find the sources of information. Make searches in Google like this:

“Top books for __________ “

“Best_________ conferences”

“Top__________ blogs”

“Best_________ groups”

We have gone through some key concepts of what a customer is and how to create it. We hope it helps you to define better your target audience.

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