B2B and B2C Lead Generation

There are different marketing strategies that can help you attract leads. Below we will present two solutions that can help you attract ideal leads for B2B and B2C models.

 Solution 1: LinkedIn lead generation system (the perfect service to attract b2b leads) – through a digital platform we will find decision-makers who express interest in doing business with your company.

Solution 2: Digital advertising (ideal service to attract both b2b and b2c leads). The execution of efficient strategies through different digital platforms to reach potential customers that are interested in doing business with you.

Business to Business

Step 1:
We will use LinkedIn sales navigator to identify your ideal clients and create a list full of them.

Step 2:
Our copywriters will create the perfect message to actually get responses.
Step 3:
We will do follow ups with your prospects on your behalf until you get the “Yes”.
Step 4:
Once your prospects decide to set up a time to speak with you, we will send a notification so you can close the deal.

Business to Consumer

Step 1:
We identify your ideal customer in Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Step 2:
Customers will be directed to a landing page where they can have more information and submit a form.

Step 3:
You will gain access to an app where you will receive all the leads in real time and will assist you with reminders to close the deal.

Accelerate your sales growth with high converting
strategies and qualified leads.
Case Study 1 – B2C
Dimark Garage Doors

The challenge: Generating residential leads through their website.

The solution: Our PPC specialist developed and implemented a strategy via Google Ads (Advertising on Google search and Display network).

The results: The company experienced a lead generation growth of 500% within a 30-day period.

Case Study 2 – B2B
Dimark Garage Doors
The challenge: Dimark Garage Doors introduced a new commercial garage door repair service and getting past gatekeepers was a complicated task.

The solution: Our digital specialists designed a LinkedIn strategy to connect directly with decision-makers of ideal companies within the Miami Dade county.

The results: 327 qualified leads were delivered within a 6-month period which allowed Dimark Garage Doors to establish a solid portfolio of clients.

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