Software and app development for starters and entrepreneurs

Software and app development

Software and app development influence and usage in essential matters; on a regular basis routine for businesses and companies are growing drastically. Today´s companies´ visions are the result of a constant cycle of transformation and evolution.Software and app development

Let´s define a business as a community or project meant to generate utilities and development while providing services. No matter what´s the starting point, all of the companies have to go through several phases; until being able to grow, establish and reach “maturity” a possible expansion or in the worst cases a shutdown.

One of the most important reasons to “keep running” in the race to be the best on the market;  is to be able to systemize the information using the different array of technological and informatics tools available; including software and app development resources.

The need of making a company or business more productive and innovative requires of elaborating certain renewal on all of the established areas; to identify how to maximize and enhance technological and human talent with software and app development tools. Here´s where the internet does his magic; at introducing the chance of getting closer to the designing and execution of software and app development interfaces for the sake of the improvement on the way we do business. In expense of getting relevant vocabulary related to software and app development, take a look at this glossary.

Those interfaces for software and app development are there to issue effectiveness and proficiency of internal and external company processes and matters, for example:

  • Sharing information

Software, in this case, is useful to exchange information between the employees, assign tasks, define roles, and control how we do all of our duties.

  • Corporate image and advertising

Whether you´re the responsible or not of the way your business promotes its services using software to create original visual content is crucial. Some examples of software to design your company and your goods image are Photoshop, Illustrator, Affinity Photo, among others. Also, take a look on some of the best video production companies in Miami. Full-service production companies are in charge of creating the whole corporate image;  you should review the reasons why to contact one.

  • Accessibility

Having an on-line website can allow people and customers to reach the business even out of the operational hours. Web sites are arranged thanks to software that also allows you to keep a track on how many visits you receive and how many times you´re consulted.


Financial management is easier when an app is in the way, it gives you the accuracy of operations, a report of your company’s financial position, up to date information, budget analysis and all that kind of stuff about this particular field, you name it, software can do it!

Mobile app development

We´re currently experiencing a constant increment in the usage of mobile devices, every day you see that technologies are becoming some essentials for our needs allowing the opening of a whole new channel for business improvement and profit.

When developing mobile apps is important to look at the pros and cons. Here we list the pros:

-Granting access from the app to the smartphone features like GPS location function enables a customer to find the nearest business locations.

-The choice of linking the app to online purchasing services and products platforms

-Recognition of the brand through other apps (social media), creating exclusive content or offers when linking them.

-Standing out from the competition because the adoption of these technologies keeps the company in the vanguard.

  • Cons:

-Mobile app and software development is usually more expensive than web design development.

-Requires a constant investment; due to the need for updates that adhere to the platform where is published to be downloaded.

Software and app development-Additional demanding marketing strategies to let the audience know about the app.

Asides from those general points of view, take notice of the current needs and situation of the company and review if the app generates improvement, enhancement, and rentability to your business.

Open code apps and licenses for software and app development

The software also has a legal aspect that is important to recall which is conducted as a license. Licenses come in a different array of flavors. Sometimes is not well understood the purpose of each. A license is a way in which you take advantage of the software while you follow the contract guidelines. Yes, there´s an agreement between the software and the user, and it is specified for each type of license. Let´s name some types of licenses:

-Free software: Is available for anyone who wants to distribute it, use it and copy. It is freely modifiable with coding. It may have a monetary cost or may not have it.

-Public domain software: No copyright restrictions are intended, however; the author of the software may introduce some limitations on usage.

-Freeware: It has no monetary cost, is available for usage but usually can´t be modified, re-distributed without the author´s permission.

-Shareware: It is initially distributed without charge with trial and demo licenses; there might be some additional costs to use all of the features of the software.

-Commercial software: Is developed by a company to make a profit.

-Trial: Is similar to a freeware but after some time (30, 60, 90 days); it stops working hence a payment is needed to be able to continue enjoying of its utilities.

-Donationware: Authors ask for a donation to cover costs of development. Doing or not making the donation doesn´t affect the proper execution of the software.Software and app development

Keep in mind previous statements related to software licenses; to avoid any trouble or loss of information due to incorrect procedure or selection of software. You do not want a headache afterwards.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It´s irrefutable that for a company to be able to maintain the status in the market there has to be a constant communication with the customer whether if it´s a face-to-face contact or a virtual one. Making a little mention of the face-to-face treatment the referral is how procedures are conducting in general terms the relation between business-consumer.

Now returning to the virtual platforms utility material and software and app development, plenty of contact communication strategies through the web are widely usable these days. Mailing lists, registration forms, the actualization of content related to the company services and social media management. Those together will make a print on the target audience because of the constant presence of the brand allowing an interaction where consumers can relate entirely. Just to highlight a few more things, it´s imperative that virtual environments reach for a constant transformation, improvement and dynamic approaching. Leaning on software and app development plans are a plus.

Electronic commerce or E-commerce

E-commerce is a type of business model in which you buy and sell goods and services over virtual platforms, usually the internet network. It is also available for software and app development solutions and implementations. Electronic commerce operates in some of the main market sections; business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer to consumer and consumer to business. It is distinguished as one of the fastest ways to make transactions. There are no actual boundaries regarding time or location; this grants the possibility of increasing adepts and customers to a certain Brand. Let´s mention some of the advantages and disadvantages of this particular business model.

Software and app developmentOne of the most significant advantages is the convenience of placing orders 24/7. And the other most relevant would be that the content available is wider, bigger and exclusive. On the other hand, the two most significant disadvantages are; the increment of expectation of the acquired product, as you can´t see it, you may get disappointed when you receive it (unless it is an intangible service). The other one? There´s no instant gratification; you have to wait for your product to be in your hands (unless again, is an intangible service). E-commerce could be just another idea that you can include in your business plan, consider it.

For entrepreneurs

Virtual offices

A company should be on the worldwide web so in that way it is recognized globally; you knew that part, right? Another good example of using software or apps in business is creating this virtual office.  Successful companies like Mozilla, Art & Logic and Base Camp, have been making their headquarters a virtual platform since a few years back and more and more new businesses are doing the same to help to reduce operational costs and to invest in talent. Here a list of other companies with virtual offices. Therefore, if you are an entrepreneur with a great idea and ready to dive into the waters of building your own business, this might be a good starting point.

Besides the fact that technological assets are on hand to handle all of the companies´ organic procedures promptly (meetings, conferences, tasks assignments, etc.). Advantages of this operating business model are that employees can work from anywhere in the globe. The company becomes global when hiring employees with diverse talents, from distant locations and his most valuable resource is happier and willing to do the job because they can stay whenever they feel more comfortable; nice and steady.

There might be a lot of functional, reliable, suitable and favorable app and software development strategies for each particular case and need of a determined business community but knowing when, how and what to implement is the key to a successful performance of the area where the app/software is running. If you happen to be in Bogotá and in search of an app and software development company, here we recommend you where to take a look on.

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